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A simple activity that has far more benefits than you realise!

Philippa Bagley


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The rise of mindfulness has created an awareness of the need to slow down, to simplify and to reflect how the way we live. The benefits of mindfulness are well documented — it can help improve mental and physical health amongst other things. Another practice massively in fashion is decluttering. The likes of Marie Kondo has popularised decluttering your home, and again the benefits of doing that are well documented.

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Less documented are the benefits of digital decluttering.

At the start of the COVID lockdown in the UK, the one thing I decided to do, was to start a digital declutter. I currently have 8 email accounts, 3 cloud accounts, and probably 4 or 5 external hard drives dating back over the last 20 years.

It shames me to admit in one email account alone, I had 20,000 unopened emails. This was in an old email account that I told myself I don’t really use anymore. However, if I’m honest, I still had plenty of accounts linked to it, as well as friends who thought that was my main account. It’s also still in my maiden name, which can make things doubly confusing when I’ve used it for official correspondence involving my last name!! If you consider for a moment the fact that on average over 60% emails go unopened, I suspect I’m not alone in that backlog, but it can seem an overwhelming, and unimportant thing to tackle.

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So I’ve been deleting, unsubscribing and redirecting since March. I have in fact deleted over 50,000 emails already. I’ve lost count of the unsubscribes I’ve done. (As a side note for those outside of the EU, you can use for a quicker experience, or within the EU I just have a little bit of OCD of doing it all individually…)

It’s ongoing, but I have slowly reduced my email accounts. I’m using LastPass to store my passwords and I’m down to the…



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