Five mistakes to avoid when building new business

The road to success is bumpy, so get focussed now!

The only thing stopping your success is you. Versions of that are all over the place, but often seem a little cheesy or too vague! However, what does that mean in reality!? It’s a little extreme to assume that we all need to have some personality rewire in order to achieve our full potential. So here’s what it means for me:

  1. No more going to the free online events.

Even pre covid there were always loads of giveaways with tons of resources. Don’t get me wrong, there could be some gold nuggets in there. But in reality these serve as a distraction for me, that typical ‘shiny object’ syndrome. What I realised, I haven’t even used 10% of the freebies I greedily downloaded, they simply sit in an unsorted folder on my laptop/dropbox assigned to the ‘what if’ or ‘just in case’ pile. It also results in hundreds of emails from the promotors clogging up my inbox. From a marketing point of view it’s a great way to list build if you are part of a giveaway, but otherwise it’s a distraction. If you do think you need to go, go with a clear objective to take action about subject x, and don’t get distracted by the rest. Once you’ve signed up for that thing which you will need…use it. Immediately!

2. Limit your idols

One of the easiest ways to grow is to follow in the footsteps of someone who’s gone before you. Online there is no end of possible influencers and experts promoting their products and experience to help you short cut your journey. Use them, but use them wisely. I now follow 4 people religiously, one since I started my journey back in 2017, and the other three I’ve acquired along the way. All of them I could just take their free content and still benefit from, but in actual fact, I’m now essentially their super fan and will buy most of their products! There is so much noise in the online world, for me it’s important to limit the distractions, but in addition to that — I simply can’t follow everything. I don’t keep up with the 4 that I follow, so I’m definitely not going to try adding more now. Unless it’s directly adding value to what I want to do next, it’s basically just another distraction. The same should be for you. Follow who you connect with, who gives you value and who is consistent.

3. Pick one thing until it’s successful

Seriously, pick just one thing…for now. Unless you’re lucky enough to not have to work whilst building your entrepreneurial hustle, you’re not going to have the bandwidth to focus on many things, and still continue your day job/family responsibilities/not burn out. Even if you don’t have to worry about a day job, you’ll get to where you want to go a lot faster by building one thing well, then moving onto the next. Plan your path, walk it step by step and then when you’ve completed that, then start the next thing.

4. Forget your ego.

If you’ve told people that you’re going to be building your own business, or you’ve previously come from a high flying corporate role, going it alone is a massive taking on. Sometimes you might have success straight away, but more often than not, it simply takes time. Although it seems obvious, there’s nothing like an ego to make us feel inadequate and that we’re not where we ’think’ we should be. The reality is things will take as long as they take. But chances are they will take longer if you let your ego do the talking and avoid/put off activities which we may feel beneath us. I’ve always said I’d go back to clearing toilets if I had to to make ends meet, a job I did through university. Consider the entrepreneurial equivalent, and if necessary do it — every role is important, whether it be going door to door, or reaching out to your network, or just asking for help.

5. Don’t worry about where you are compared to other people.

Some people will always seem to be doing better than you, some people will tell you what they think about your business. These are all just opinions and perceptions. All that matters is that you know where you’re going next and have a plan to get there! Any time spent worrying about others, is time wasted.

So the real key here: stop worrying about others, stop getting distracted, and keep your end goal in mind. Some days are good, some are bad, but as long as each day you are inching forward, you will get there!

I’m a multi passionate! Operations Director, Business Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Project Manager! Always learning..….. adulting is hard....

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