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that's very true! I live in a very non-diverse part of the UK, so my worry I guess is that sometimes we live in an echo chamber, and have no reason to challenge that. As a result, I may say or do things which has negative connotations. Last summer, we tried to have a BLM celebration, let's just say it didn't go well...

The 3 year is point is so true...we just learn to muck things up as we get older! :)

thank you Akarsh! You're article was brilliantly informative as well! And your summary 'race isn't real, but racism is' I think really captures the essence of the problem - we create a hierarchical structure based on a system of belief as opposed to any actual fact - and it's dangerous because we don't alway recognise how those beliefs permeate our decisions and choices!

thank you so much! I'm so conscious that even with my best intentions my views will always be biased. I think as a white person, there is so much we assume and take for granted, it really needs to be a conscious effort to think differently and challenge the cultural norms which we take for granted! I shall keep trying but certain I will make mistakes! :)

Hello and thank you ! I enjoyed the reflective tone of your writing which is what brought me to follow you! :)

Yes, the Peter Principle is one my Dad taught me at a very young age, and definitely causes a lot of negative behaviours in people struggling to cope!

But you are right - grace and compassion will guide us to the right behaviours!

Philippa Bagley

Philippa Bagley

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