Where do I begin?

Writing about yourself is probably one of the hardest things any one can ask. To expose your soul in one place, one go and let the internet keep it forever!

I guess the reason we write though is to expose our soul, piece by piece, so why not in a bigger chunk!

I was born in Durham, County Durham, in the North East of the UK (or as I like to call it — ‘the greatest part of the UK’), however my time spent there was brief as we moved to North London, then Kent for…

My husband created a chore rota for us and I couldn’t be happier

When the first COVID lockdown hit the UK, I suddenly got to work from home for the first time ever.

I’ve spent the last 3 years travelling every single week. Mostly just within the UK, but hours and hours mostly on trains, to London, to Manchester, up, down and sideways across the country. I live on the border of Wales, so nowhere is that far, but also no where is that near either. Throughout that time my husband has worked from home. …

thank you Akarsh! You're article was brilliantly informative as well! And your summary 'race isn't real, but racism is' I think really captures the essence of the problem - we create a hierarchical structure based on a system of belief as opposed to any actual fact - and it's dangerous because we don't alway recognise how those beliefs permeate our decisions and choices!

We need to be more careful online….

It started out as boredom and curiosity. I never ask to be someone’s friend on Facebook unless I know them and have met them in some way. Call me old school. Yet every week I always had the odd request from someone, a friend of a friend of a friend….. So one Friday, in a fit of impulsiveness, I accepted some requests. It quickly spiralled out of control.

After accepting maybe five or so random people. Suddenly I had requests for a another 10, then 12, then more and more. By this point I was committed to my social experiment…

thank you so much! I'm so conscious that even with my best intentions my views will always be biased. I think as a white person, there is so much we assume and take for granted, it really needs to be a conscious effort to think differently and challenge the cultural norms which we take for granted! I shall keep trying but certain I will make mistakes! :)

by Tamora Pierce

My first selection is a book from my childhood. I can’t have been older than 10 or 11 when I came across the Adventures of Alanna. Set in a medieval mythical world, she swaps places with her twin brother to become a knight, whilst her brother goes to become a mage instead.

It’s been nearly 30 years since I read that book, and in the passing years, I’ve bought, read and reread all the books from Tamora Piece which have followed (over 30). …

Thank you Suzanne! Here's hoping to finding more good people and reading much more from you too! :)

Hello and thank you ! I enjoyed the reflective tone of your writing which is what brought me to follow you! :)

Yes, the Peter Principle is one my Dad taught me at a very young age, and definitely causes a lot of negative behaviours in people struggling to cope!

But you are right - grace and compassion will guide us to the right behaviours!

The Megan and Harry interview has made me question my own assumptions

How do you know if you’re a subconscious racist? This is the question I’ve been pondering for the last few days since the harry/Megan/Oprah interview. I’ve still not seen the interview — I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, but the extracts had caused me to stop and think about systemic and institutionalised racism.

Overt racism is easy. I imagine if you’re on the receiving end of an overt racist, there’s probably a small amount of relief — you don’t have to hide the fact you know someone is being a racist. They’re calling you names, they’re burning crosses…

Philippa Bagley

I’m a multi passionate! Operations Director, Business Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Project Manager! Always learning..….. adulting is hard....

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